The Importance of Early Season Weed Control

May 27, 2021

The Importance of Early Season Weed Control
There are a lot of reasons to control weeds. Weeds are unsightly, they can interfere with harvest, they can carry crop pathogens or host damaging insects, and most importantly they rob a crop of its yield potential. When it comes to managing weeds, sooner is better. When applied early, effective preemergence herbicides plus the right adjuvants for burndown can help protect the emerging crop from yield-limiting weed pressure. Here are four tips to make the most of your weed control program.

Choose the right products. Identify your most troublesome weeds and then work with your agronomist to identify preemergence herbicides that can help prevent them from establishing in fields. 

Make timely applications. Preemergence herbicides are only effective on actively germinating and emerging weeds; they don’t have any effect on weed seed banks in the soil. That means you need to consider your application timing in order to get effective results. ?

Layer herbicide products. Many troublesome weeds have developed resistance to multiple modes of action, so you want to be sure you’ve got a diverse selection of products that include residual activity. Effective preemergence herbicide applications can extend the window for postemergence applications, which offers more flexibility in the spring. Adding a preemergence herbicide with your post-herbicide application can extend residual control well into the crop canopy.

Add an effective adjuvant. To get the most from your herbicide investment, plan to add effective adjuvants to your tank mix. For example, a drift reduction product such as InterLock® adjuvant can help get more active ingredient on the right target for your preemergence herbicide and deep into the canopy with your post-herbicide application for more effective weed control. ?

We can help you build a season-long weed management plan that starts with the right preemergence herbicide products. Contact your Central Counties Advisor for customized recommendations.

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