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Agronomy at Central Counties

From quality seed to custom applications of fertilizers and crop protection products, Central Counties Co-op’s full-service Agronomy Division provides everything you need to maximize your farm’s productivity.

Our experienced agronomists work hard to help you maximize yield and profitability on every acre by providing agronomy services like field scouting, soil and tissue sampling, field mapping and variable rate technology solutions.

Not only can you count on us to stand behind our extensive line of products and services, but you can also trust that we’ll always provide the best advice for you and your operation – even if it’s not the best decision for our business. We take great pride in helping you make the smartest and most economical decisions for your farm to ensure that you get the best return on your crop input investments. With agronomy centers conveniently located in Litchfield and Atwater, our quality products and services are always available to meet your needs.

At Central Counties Co-op, we believe you should have a trustworthy partner in agriculture that you’re proud to do business with. Please read on to learn more about why we feel we’re the best partner for you, and give us a call to start realizing your operation’s highest potential.

Agronomy Services

Our dependable agronomy team offers a wide range of quality agronomic services at Central Counties Co-op, including the following:

Composite Soil Sampling

Custom Fertilizer Applications

Field Scouting

Custom Crop Protection Applications

Bulk Soybean Seed Treatmentsations

Precision Ag

Central Counties Co-op’s reliable team of experienced agronomists uses leading technology to provide you with accurate, cost-effective field prescriptions. We leverage Climate FieldView™ to store data and help our customers identify and better manage the acres that provide the best opportunity for increased profit potential. This comprehensive precision farming solution integrates soil and tissue sampling, satellite imagery mapping and harvest data to help create customized variable rate prescriptions for your farm. We’re also proud dealers of Precision Planting® equipment.



You can always rely on our agronomists to help you select the right seed for your operation. Thanks to our partnerships with the industry-leading seed companies listed below, Central Counties Co-op sells and supports some of the best corn and soybean seed on the market.

Central Counties Test Plot

New hybrids and seed varieties are constantly being introduced, so selecting the right products for your fields can be a tough task. Fortunately we help you sort through the details by providing yield data from our own test plot, which is located just east of Litchfield on Hwy 12.

Every year, we plant a variety of the region’s leading corn hybrids and soybean varieties at the test plot to observe how they perform locally. Study examples usually include straight up yield trials, precision planting technique trials and chemical trials. We hold a tour day for growers in September to view the progress; the date and time will be listed here when determined. Check out the most recent test plot results below.

Seed Treatments

Once you’ve selected the right seed for your fields, it’s important to protect your investment. Central Counties Co-op has cutting edge bulk soybean seed treatment equipment on standby at our Litchfield and Atwater agronomy locations, ready to defend your soybean crop against early season disease and pests. 

We predominantly use Warden® CX seed treatment, which contains three fungicide modes of action to protect against threatening early season disease and the active ingredient from Cruiser® insecticide for protection against seed and foliar-feeding insects.



As your local source for dry and liquid fertilizers in central Minnesota, Central Counties Co-op offers a full line of crop nutrient products to help your crops stay healthy and optimize their yield potential. Many area producers rely on our custom fertilizer applications to provide their fields with the nutrients needed to optimize crop production. To maximize the return on your crop investment, our team of knowledgeable agronomists will customize the right fertility package for your fields and your bottom line.
Our extensive product lineup includes:
We offer composite soil sampling and analysis services to help you create the ideal growing conditions in your fields before planting. Central Counties agronomists can also provide in-season scouting observations and NutriSolutions® plant tissue testing to help you determine if in-season nutrient applications are needed to give your crops a boost.
Our certified custom applicators specialize in:

Crop Protection Products & Services

Central Counties Co-op carries a complete lineup of quality herbicide, insecticide and fungicide products from all of the major manufacturers to help prevent yield loss in your fields. Our experienced field agronomists are always happy to help you select the right products to tackle the challenges that weeds, pests and diseases can bring to your field in any given season.

Our Crop Protection Services
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