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Plant Smart and Reap the Benefits!

Apr 02, 2021

There is a good chance you have selected your 2021 soybean seed already. Up next... planting!! Here are a few tips to help your crop prosper this year.

Early planting.
Farmers who have traditionally gotten their crop in the ground before May 5th have seen no effects on yield. Howver, according to University of Minnesota Extension research, yield loss jumps to 6% when beans are planted by May 20th, and to nearly 30% by mid-June. Monitoring rainfall an soil saturation in your fields can help you plan accordingly to get soybeans in the ground early.

Seed treatment.
Early planting into wet soils can result in disease and emergence issues. Using a quality seed treatment on soybenas can help address this. Warden CX seed treatment is proven to increase yield over fungicide alone by nearly 3.5 bushels. Optimize XC has up to 2X the rate of early nodulation for soybeans with an extra-concentrated formulation.

Weed control.
Weed control in any crop can be challenging. Early control of weeds is crucial to achieving favorable soybean yields. Did you know that 6 to 12 days after flowering, waterhemp has up to 50% viable seed?
Scouting is key to figure out which weeds are in your fields and what chemicals you need to effectively treat and elminate them. 

Soil fertility. 
Studies have shown that the right application of nitrogen at the right time is key to getting the most out of your soybean crop. Narrowing your application window and analyzing each field's nutrient needs through in-season imagery, direct scouting, and tissue sampling help make these applications more effective.

Monitoring crop health.
In-season imagery is vital to identify insects, diesase and nutrient deficiencies. Frequent use of imagery from R7 Field Monitoring or Climate Field View helps with benchmarking and growth indicators. This enables timely decision making that could mean the difference between a break-even crop and a profitable one.

Learn more about seed treatment and ag technology tools for your 2021 season here

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