Getting the Most from your Fungicide Application

Jun 16, 2020

Getting the Most from your Fungicide Application

There are many factors to weigh when making any purchase, but ultimately it comes down to maximizing your return on investment. However, variables that are out of your control sometimes make that hard to do. Here are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your fungicide application and add efficiency to the process.
1. Identify responsive hybrids and prioritize spray applications
You may be stuck with the decision of which acres to apply fungicide on this season. One thing you can do is prioritize your fungicide applications based on hybrid response to fungicide (RTF) scores. RTF scores can help you determine where you will get the best return on your fungicide application. Check with your Central Counties agronomist to see what your RTF scores are on your hybrids.
2. Apply the right products
When choosing fungicides, active ingredients matter. We recommend using a product that has multiple modes of action. By using a fungicide with multiple modes of action you are helping mitigate the spread of resistance and giving your crops quality disease control.
3. Pair fungicides with other applications
Another way to add efficiency to your application is to try to identify ways to pair your fungicide application with other trips you’re already making through the field. For example, you may be able to add fungicides with plant nutrition applications to boost plant health with one trip through the field. 
It pays to adopt a thoughtful strategy for your fungicide applications. Maintaining plant health will be critical to producing top yields at the end of the season. Chat with your Central Counties agronomist to learn more about disease control options that fit your budget.

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