Best Tank Mixing Secrets Your Farm Should Know

Mar 16, 2021

Best Tank Mixing Secrets Your Farm Should Know
Here are some of the best management practices for tank mixing...
  • Water. Be sure to fill your tanks half full before adding any active ingredients to the tank.
  • Time. Allow plenty of time between ingredient additions.
Mixing order matters.
  1. Water – Fill tank half full
  2. Defoamers/Antifoamers
  3. Water Conditioner – (Class Act® Ridion® @ 1 gallon/100 or 1% v/v)
  4. Volatility Reduction Agent (VRA) – Volt-Edge™ a VaporGrip® Xtra Agent @ 20 oz/a or Sentris™ buffering technology from BASF @ 10 oz/a)
  5. Wettable Powders or Dry Flowables
    • WSP – Water Soluble Packet
    • WP – Wettable Powder
    • DF – Dry Flowable (Authority® First, Authority® MTZ)
    • WDG – Water dispersible granule (First Rate®, Rowel®, Rowel® FX, Valor® SX, Valor® XLT, Zidua®)
    • SP – Soluble Powder
    • DG – Dispersible Granule (Authority® MAXX, Authority® XL, Classic®)
    • EXT – Extruded Granule (Dimetric® EXT, Metriclude®)
    • WG – Wettable Granule (Optill® PRO, Sonic®)
    • Dry Fertilizers
    • SC – Suspension Concentrates (Prowl® H2O, Sharpen®, Zidua® PRO)
  6. Agitate
  7. Liquid flowables and suspensions
    • F/FL – Flowables
    • Suspension Fertilizers
    • SE – Suspo-emulsions
    • SL – Soluble Liquid (Caparol®, Direx®, Extreme®, Pursuit®, Reflex®, Staple®, Valor® EZ, Varisto®)
    • XtendiMax®/Engenia™ herbicide
    • OnTarget™* DRA @ ½ gallon/100 or 0.5% V/V - It is recommended that OnTarget™ DRA is not applied through a direct injection system. OnTarget™ DRA needs time to hydrolyze in the spray tank before application.
  8. Emulsifiable Concentrates
    • EC - Emulsified Concentrates – (Cleanse® 2EC, Framework®, Cobra®, Section® Three, Select® Max, Outlook®, Prowl® 3.3 EC, Charger Basic)
    • ME – Micro-encapsulated (Warrant®, Warrant® Ultra)
  9. Glyphosate – if allowed
  10. Surfactants/Adjuvants – Always add Superb HC, Destiny HC or Strikelock when tank mixing a volunteer corn herbicide to overcome antagonism.  Oils also increase broadleaf efficacy & speed of kill.
    • HSOC-MSO (Destiny® HC @ 8oz/a)
    • HSOC-COC (Superb® HC@ 8 oz/a)
    • Drift and Deposition – (InterLock®, StrikeLock™)
  11. Top off with water to fill tank.

If you have any questions regarding tank mixing or products, reach out to your Central Counties Advisor!

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