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Symbol Last Open Close High Low Change
CORN @C3K 6.5225 6.4625 6.5350 6.4575 0.0500
CORN @C3N 6.3325 6.2850 6.3450 6.2700 0.0375
CORN @C3U 5.8300 5.7975 5.8400 5.7775 0.0250
SOYBEANS @S3K 14.7075 14.6600 14.7250 14.6250 0.0300
SOYBEANS @S3N 14.4575 14.4300 14.4775 14.3700 0.0125
SOYBEANS @S3Q 13.9925 13.9725 14.0100 13.9050 0.0125
WHEAT @W3K 7.1600 6.9825 7.1975 6.9650 0.1625
WHEAT @W3N 7.2725 7.1050 7.3050 7.0875 0.1575
WHEAT @W3U 7.3825 7.2075 7.4125 7.2050 0.1475
LIVE CATTLE @LE3J 164.950 164.800 164.950 165.025 164.550 0.050
LIVE CATTLE @LE3M 158.900 158.725 158.900 159.000 158.400 0.025
LEAN HOGS @HE3J 77.750 78.000 77.750 78.250 77.400 -0.875
LEAN HOGS @HE3K 86.000 86.025 86.000 86.700 84.525 -0.725
LEAN HOGS @HE3M 92.725 92.900 92.725 93.350 91.250 -0.350
CRUDE OIL QCL3K 74.09 73.61 74.21 73.50 0.89
CRUDE OIL QCL3M 74.20 73.74 74.30 73.61 0.86
CRUDE OIL QCL3N 74.04 73.67 74.21 73.53 0.75
NEW YORK HARBOR ULSD QHO3J 2.7513 2.7581 2.7666 2.7397 -0.0183
NEW YORK HARBOR ULSD QHO3K 2.6418 2.6390 2.6562 2.6259 -0.0043
NEW YORK HARBOR ULSD QHO3M 2.5716 2.5611 2.5827 2.5547 0.0036
NATURAL GAS QNG3J 1.995 2.024 2.024 1.985 -0.035
NATURAL GAS QNG3K 2.128 2.161 2.175 2.121 -0.019
NATURAL GAS QNG3M 2.362 2.400 2.410 2.357 -0.024
RBOB GASOLINE QRB3J 2.7173 2.7183 2.7360 2.7075 0.0052
RBOB GASOLINE QRB3K 2.6865 2.6858 2.6994 2.6749 0.0060
RBOB GASOLINE QRB3M 2.6254 2.6205 2.6375 2.6107 0.0087
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3 F
85 %
Dew Point
0 F
30.35 inHg
WNW 3 mph
07:03 AM
07:41 PM

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Sun 4/02


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Our Energy Programs

Propane Summerfill & Winter Prebuy Programs

Central Counties Co-op offers different propane purchasing opportunities throughout the year to help you spread out your payments or take advantage of what are traditionally the best times to lock-in low pricing.

Budget Program – Closes June 30!

The budget program signup takes place in June and customers must be signed up before the end of the month. The program runs from June through next April. The benefit of this program is that you can make smaller monthly payments instead of paying for each fill at the time of delivery. Your monthly payment will be based on the previous year’s usage and an estimated per gallon price divided over 11 months. This monthly payment can be set up as an auto draft from your checking account, or you can send it in to the office monthly.

Summerfill Program

The summerfill program runs from June through August. All scheduled delivery accounts will automatically receive a summerfill. Will call accounts must call in to either the Litchfield office or Atwater office to place a summerfill order by August 31. The benefits of a summerfill is that pricing in the summer is generally cheaper than fall or winter pricing, and you can enter the heating season with a full tank.

Winter Prebuy Program

The winter prebuy program starts in July. All customers will receive a letter and a copy of the prebuy contract around mid-July. Prebuy contracts must be prepaid and are completely voluntary. While you’ll pay one lump sum upfront, the benefit is that prebuy pricing generally costs less per gallon than in-season pricing.


What is My Field's Yield Potential?

Yield is often seen as the common benchmark of success among most farmers. But maximizing return on your investment potential should trump your yield goals. One way to do that is by matching the yield potential of your fields and your management style to the seed you select.

Read More

Start with seed

Every field is different- so to optimize your return on investment (ROI) potential, you'll need to identify where to spend where to pull back management.
There is no need to spend a premium on high potential seed if your field doesn't have a history of producing high yields. Instead, on those less productive acres, opt for seed products that require less management but still offer the yield potential that matches what your field can support.

Add crop management plans

As you review 2020 results, team up with your Central Counties advisor to determine why some management steps worked while others didn't. Working with your crop advisor can help you adjust next season's program as needed to help protect plants against weeds, insects, and disease threats, and help maximize your ROI. 

Consider Central Counties Technology Tools

Whether you’re experienced with ag technology or just getting started, it’s important to understand all the capabilities these new tools can add to your program. Your advisor can help you evaluate the benefits of using precision seed and fertilizer technology, in-season imagery, field monitoring, crop forecasting and proper data management to help manage crops.

Tire Department Manager

Employee Spotlight

Ryan Hickman, Tire Department Manager

Ryan joined the cooperative in 2009 and has worked in a few roles leading up to now, including filling LP tanks, stocking shelves, and cashier.

In 2012 Ryan moved to the shop where he manages inventory, repairs tires when needed, and assists customers with selecting the correct tires for their vehicle. In fact, interacting with customers and co-workers si his favorite part of his job.

Ryan and his fiance, Meaghan, eagerly wait for their wedding this coming March. In the meantime, Ryan enjoys spending his time hunting, fishing, and hanging out with friends and family.

If you were stuck on an island and could only have three objects, what would they be?
Fishing rod, filled tackle box, and something to start a fire with.



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