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CORN @C1K 4.2175 4.2375 4.2400 4.2025 -0.0225
SOYBEANS @S1F 11.5175 11.6375 11.6400 11.4975 -0.1025
SOYBEANS @S1H 11.5300 11.6425 11.6500 11.5100 -0.1000
SOYBEANS @S1K 11.5100 11.6250 11.6275 11.4900 -0.1000
WHEAT @W0Z 5.6950 5.6550 5.6950 5.6550 0.0400
WHEAT @W1H 5.7975 5.7825 5.8000 5.7575 0.0250
LIVE CATTLE @LE0Z 110.625 110.275 110.625 110.875 110.250 0.450
LIVE CATTLE @LE1G 113.175 113.025 113.175 113.900 112.700 0.300
LEAN HOGS @HE0Z 66.975 67.925 66.975 67.950 66.700 -0.600
LEAN HOGS @HE1G 68.750 68.750 68.750 69.600 68.050 0.175
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Our Energy Programs

Propane Summerfill & Winter Prebuy Programs
Budget Program – Closes June 30!
Summerfill Program
Winter Prebuy Program

Questions about any of these programs? Call your local Central Counties energy office today!

Atwater: 320-974-8868
Litchfield: 320-693-2821

Cover Crops Can Provide Many Benefits

Depending on your production schedule and the growing conditions in any given year, you might find that you have fields sitting empty for extended periods of time. This fallow period is often viewed as a problem, but at Central Counties, we encourage growers to approach it as an opportunity to improve their fields while also increasing their economic returns.

Left alone, fallow acres often spring up to weeds that require tillage or herbicide for control. This weed control costs money, but doesn’t generate revenue in return. Rather than allowing fields to sit empty, some growers will plant cover crops after harvest that can be successfully grown for forage or soil improvement that can reach maturity without much moisture.

Benefits of cover crops can include

In addition to experiencing many of these benefits on your farm, you might be eligible for cover crop incentive payments through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Click here for more information.

We carry a number of high quality cover crops at Central Counties Co-op, including cereal ryegrass, turnips, radishes and others. For customized assistance in incorporating cover crops into your operation, check with your Central Counties advisor.

Employee Spotlight

Kevin Trapp, Agronomy Sales

If you’ve been a member of Central Counties Co-op for a long time, there’s a good chance that you know Kevin Trapp. Kevin joined the cooperative back in 1982 and has worked in numerous roles during his tenure, including custom applications and petroleum delivery and service.

In recent years, Kevin has helped growers maximize their farm’s production by assisting them with crop planning, seed selection and chemical and fertilizer recommendations. In fact, the fall fertilizer season is his favorite time of year. As a member of the Kandiyohi County Corn & Soybean Growers Association Board of Directors, he’s always striving to increase public awareness of the importance of agriculture and environmental stewardship in the area.

Kevin grew up on his family farm in Blomkest, MN, where his dad farmed his entire life. After graduating from high school, he earned an Ag Business degree from Ridgewater College before joining Central Counties 38 years ago.

Kevin and his wife, Karen, have two sons. When he isn’t busy working with farmers, you’ll likely find him spending time at the lake – boating, grilling and relaxing with family and friends.