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What is My Field's Yield Potential?

Dec 29, 2020

Yield is often seen as the common benchmark of success among most farmers. But maximizing return on your investment potential should trump your yield goals. One way to do that is by matching the yield potential of your fields and your management style to the seed you select.

Start with seed
Every field is different- so to optimize your return on investment (ROI) potential, you'll need to identify where to spend where to pull back management.
There is no need to spend a premium on high potential seed if your field doesn't have a history of producing high yields. Instead, on those less productive acres, opt for seed products that require less management but still offer the yield potential that matches what your field can support.

Add crop management plans
As you review 2020 results, team up with your Central Counties advisor to determine why some management steps worked while others didn't. Working with your crop advisor can help you adjust next season's program as needed to help protect plants against weeds, insects, and disease threats, and help maximize your ROI. 

Consider Central Counties Technology Tools
Whether you’re experienced with ag technology or just getting started, it’s important to understand all the capabilities these new tools can add to your program. Your advisor can help you evaluate the benefits of using precision seed and fertilizer technology, in-season imagery, field monitoring, crop forecasting and proper data management to help manage crops.

Work with your advisor to come up with a 2021 management plan today!

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