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Using Harvest Data to Help With Next Season’s Crop Decisions

Oct 19, 2020

Today’s ag technology tools can be very helpful and insightful, but it can also be overwhelming to know where to start. Check out these strategies to help break things down so you can start working on a plan for next season using this season’s harvest data.

1. Leverage tools for greater access to field data.
Many farmers have access to in-field data, and the right combination of tech tools can make that data more actionable and useful for planning. FieldView lets farmers collect yield data from a variety of collection platforms in the cab and feed it into the Data Silo so they can analyze that information and make decisions based on it. Precision Plant 20|20 can be used in conjunction with the FieldView Cab app to provide you with high definition maps on your iPad. Application and the most spatially accurate harvest data available can be mapped in FieldView Cab when 20|20 is paired with it. 

2. Take the time to set up your tech tools
Too often, farmers get halfway through the season and realize their yield monitor isn’t working correctly. Give your combine a digital maintenance check prior to harvest. If you have questions regarding your ag tech setup, reach out to us at Central Counties for help.
Make sure your software is communicating correctly.
Calibrate your yield monitor.
Confirm your digital data plans are up to date.
Use uniform names to easily identify what you’re measuring.

3. Review product performance.
Have your planting maps and harvest maps set up to make comparisons that will be useful for 2021 planning. Examine the performance of different varieties and hybrids across multiple soil types, various planting populations, different farms, etc. Compare the differences and see what worked and what you want to change for next season.

4. Keep collecting data.
Multiple years of data layered over each other will start to paint a more nuanced picture of field performance as opposed to a single point in time. Think of this year’s data as a great starting point and see how your management practices this year paid off. Then, build on that knowledge by collecting even better data next year.
We can help you fuse your data with data from the Answer Plot® program to reinforce factors like response-to scores, yield performance, and management practices. They can help ensure you’re set up for success and the data you’re collecting is clean and usable. Connect with us to ask questions or if you need help downloading your data at the end of the season.

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