Producer of The Month: Schultz Farm

Mar 16, 2021

Producer of The Month: Schultz Farm
Who: Our Family, Scott and Norma Schultz and our 4 daughters, Brittney(20), Kari and Karla(18), and Brooke(14)
What: Cash crop farm with both corn and soybeans, and cows roam in our pasture
Where: West of Grove City, Minnesota

How did you get started?
Scott’s parents purchased the farm site in 1949. Here they raised 5 children, Scott being the youngest of the 5. They milked cows and had many hogs. Scott continued to farm with his parents and brother up until 1998, his brother then left and he continued farming with his parents through 1999. In the spring of 1999, Scott got hurt in a farming accident, and then in the fall of 1999, Scott’s father passed away in a farming accident. Scott then took over farming with his wife, Norma and his mother through 2004. After 2004, Scott and Norma, and the girls, took over the farming operation. This is still the way it is today.

Where are you now?
Today, the farm is run by our whole family, and all 4 of the girls help out tremendously. The girls started helping out on the farm at a very young age. Today, they still help with anything that is needed of them. From running the combine and grain cart to driving the grain trucks, and fill in anywhere that is needed. They especially enjoy picking loads of rocks each spring. They also help out with repairing and maintenance and running the grain dryer too. Our oldest daughter Brittney will be graduating from Ridgewater college this spring with a degree in GPS/GIS Technology for agriculture. She still helps us on the farm as much as possible. She has been very involved in FFA, including through her SAE that took first as state, which involved everything she does on the farm. She has also earned all of her degrees including her American Degree. Kari and Karla are seniors at ACGC High School, and are also involved in FFA. They both work hard on their SAE’s which involve working on the farm. They have both earned their State FFA degrees. They are also on a crops team that made it to state for FFA too. They will both be headed to college this fall. The youngest child, Brooke, takes after her sisters and enjoys helping on the farm. Brooke loves driving tractors, or anything, the most of all. We all work well together to help make this operation successful.

How have things changed?
Over the years, some things have changed on the farm. We no longer have hogs or dairy. One thing that has advanced is how much we rely on technology to make crop farming more successful. With the girls being younger, they are quick to catch onto the new farming technology, which makes our lives easier.

What is the best part about raising your kids on the farm? And now having them work with you?
The girls have learned how important it is to have a strong work ethic. They have learned to work very hard when need be. They have also learned that it is important to work together to get the jobs done and be more successful. We, as parents, believe that all of these characteristics they have learned on the farm will get them very far in life.

What do you enjoy most about working in agriculture?
Working within agriculture gives us a big sense of passion, knowing that we are growing food to help feed the world. We enjoy learning many new life lessons and meeting many great people along the way.

What do you enjoy doing outside of farming?
Some of our hobbies in our free time include, snowmobiling all winter long, camping and boating all summer. We spend lots of time together as a family doing these hobbies. Our girls love being involved in sports too, including basketball and softball.

A huge thank you to the Schultz family for being our first Producer of the Month! We wish you a safe and prosperous 2021 season and look forward to continuing to work with you!

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