6 Harvest Safety Tips

Aug 27, 2020

6 Harvest Safety Tips

And just like that, harvest is right around the corner! Fall can be an exciting but, busy time of the year, which can lead to quick decisions and tired minds. Nothing is worth the well being of you, your family, and your employees. Use these safety tips to prepare accordingly for the season and keep friends and family safe on the farm. 

1. Have an emergency plan
Most likely, you won’t need it - but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it. Developing these plans ensure everyone knows how to respond right away, saving time when it is critical. Once you develop a plan, make sure everyone is familiar with it.

2. Train anyone who is about to use equipment
It is easy to invite a friend over to help out when time is tight, but you shouldn’t let anyone use farm equipment without at least some training. 

3. Know where children are
Keep children off of farm equipment, and enforce a rule to make sure they don’t run around recklessly while you or others are working.

4. If you’re tired, stop.
Don't ignore what your body is telling you. As hard as it is, make sure you’re getting sleep. You’re more likely to take short cuts and risk injuring yourself and others when you’re fatigued.

5. Practice grain bin safety
If you must enter a bin, it is extremely important to follow safety precautions

  • Shut off and lock all unloading equipment before entering

  • Wear a harness that is attached to a properly secured rope

  • Stay near the outer wall of the bin

  • Never enter a bin alone. Have at least one person stand outside the bin who can help should you become entrapped

  • Do not allow children to play in or around grain bins, wagons, or truck beds

6. Beware of machinery entanglements
Machinery entanglements are the leading cause of injury and death on the farm. Do everything to prevent it- including guarding or shielding all moving parts on machinery, and keeping others away.

You can help prevent tragic accidents by being organized and prepared ahead of time. Central Counties wishes you a safe and successful harvest!

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